Second Artist - CUE Juwenalia UEK 2019

Sarius is a young and talented vocalist, who comes from a millenium estate in Czestochowa with hip-hop traditions.

He made his debut in 2013, with an album released by Asfalt Records and called „Blisko leży obraz końca”(Near is the image of the end). Since that moment, he is consquently buliding his status on the music market, and it turned out that “Antihype” was his breakthrough album, which was released with his own record label. The album gathered a lot of good feedback and complementary reviews from his fans, repeatedly placing on the platform of the 2017 recap.

Nowadays Sarius is promoting his latest track „Wszystko co złe” (Everything that’s bad).


Sarius – Wiking

Sarius feat. Rogal DDL – NajsHajs

Sarius – Kurtyna

Sarius – Zasięg / Dobry chłopak

Sarius – Wiosna

Sarius – To Co Chcesz

Sarius – Czasem

Sarius – Dziedzic Korony