The Nicest Contest

The Nicest Contest

Exactly during this event the pair of the kindest CUE students will be chosen. The two winners will go to the next phase, during which they have a chance to earn the title of the Kindest Student and the Cracow Super Student. However, before it happens, the candidates have to deal with the tasks, that will test their creativity and personality, but most of all they will give all the people lots of laughter and some positive energy. In the breaks between the competitions the audience will be amused with the various performances and contests especially prepared for the spectators.

What’s the best way to end such a night? Of course, with a concert! So far we had such stars play for us like: Adi Nowak, Kuban, Dwa Sławy, Te-Tris, Gooral, Kartky x Emes Milligan, ReTo czy Future Folk.


DATE: 07.05.2019
VENUE: Klub Studencki Kwadrat


Edyta Pawelczyk


+48 570 666 836