Third Artist - CUE Juwenalia 2020

Żabson – polish rapper and lyrics writer. Currently a part of the Chillwagon group, he collaborated with artists like Pezet, Quebonafide, Białas and White 2115. His unique approach to rap has caused him to be one of the most popular polish new school rap artist. His album ‘To Ziomal’ debuted in 2018 and reached third place in the polish OLiS top hits. 

Żabson’s career has gone beyond just music and lyrics writing. The 26 year old has also entered the fashion industry. He’s collaborated with brands like Adidas, HSWLD or ADMIRABLE.


Żabson – Floyd Mayweather

Żabson – DMT 

Żabson – Księżniczki prod.KGR